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Best Recruitment Solution Build for Morden IT HRs to Bring Top Talent

  • Gain a competitive edge in the talent market by streamlining your recruitment process. Save time and resources. Attract, engage & select the best candidates for your organization.

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Manage Your Recruitment Team

Streamline the recruitment process, simplify talent acquisition & give a positive hiring experience to your HR team.

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Stay up-to-date on Your Candidates

Keep a track of candidates' details and measure activities along with their performance throughout the hiring process.

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Manage Your Referral Channels Easily

Organize referrals & calculate referral bonuses as per company policies with our Recruitment Management Solution.

Boost Productivity &
Acquire the Finest Talent

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Configurable Workflow

Streamline and Simplify Hiring Procedures with Customizable and Configurable Hiring Workflows with our recruitment management solution.

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Application Tracking

Visualize and track candidates’ applications, recruitment journey,and Outreach Efforts to attract and engage Top Talent effectively.

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Easy Interview Scheduling

Organize online/offline interviews. Integrate calendars, send automated interview invitations & allow candidates to select slots based on availability

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Manage Questionnaires

Develop a questionnaire index for all positions & implement an effective method to streamline the recruitment process.

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Reduce Manual Tasks

Automate recruitment process flows, candidates' documentation, questionnaire for interviewers with a single system. Reduce workforce tasks.

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Document Automation

Securely collect & organize candidates' relevant documents, such as original and photocopy IDs, photographs, resumes, and application forms.

Streamline & Automate
your Recruitment Process

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Powerful Recruitment Analytics

Our recruitment management solution provides key KPIs such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and applicant flow. These valuable analytics help identify the job-sources that are most likely to deliver high-quality candidates by allowing organizations to track patterns in candidate behavior and improve the overall candidate experience.

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Re-target Potential Candidates

Engage candidates who’d previously shown interest in job opportunities with our Retargeting feature. Ensure your organization always stays on top-of-their-mind. Auto retargeting rebuilds interest & encourages qualified candidates to apply or reconnect with your company, maximizing your chances of finding the right talent.

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Interview Procedure Flow

Optimize your interview process with a custom flow that caters to the hiring manager's preferences. Our automated interview procedure simplifies candidate management, tracking, scheduling, and decision-making. This provides a personalized recruiter experience and enhances overall hiring efficiency for HR departments.

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Transfer Candidate(s) to Colleague

Enhance the recruitment process by enabling seamless transfer of candidate rights to colleagues in case the HR personnel are on leave or have left the organization. This eliminates delays and confusion, improving the overall candidate experience and ensuring a smooth hiring journey.

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Manage multiple Candidate Follow-ups

Effortlessly handle follow-ups for numerous candidates with our comprehensive tracking system. Stay organized and maintain consistent communication through automated emails, reminders, and task management. Ensure a seamless candidate experience and build stronger relationships throughout the recruitment journey.

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Automated Mail & Task Follow-up

Streamline candidate communication with automated email follow-ups and task reminders. Effortlessly stay connected, nurture relationships, and keep candidates engaged at every stage of the recruitment process. Save valuable time, increase efficiency, and provide a personalized experience for each candidate.

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Schedule vs Taken Interviews Analytics image

Schedule vs Taken Interviews Analytics

Gain valuable insights into interview efficiency. Track and compare upcoming interviews against completed ones to optimize scheduling, minimize no-shows, and enhance overall recruitment timelines. Improve resource allocation and streamline the hiring process for maximum productivity.

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Recruitment Funnel Analysis image

Recruitment Funnel Analysis

Visualize and analyze the recruitment funnel to identify bottlenecks, track applicant flow, and optimize the hiring process. Monitor conversion rates at each stage, measure candidate engagement, and make data-driven decisions for improving recruitment outcomes. Enhance candidate acquisition, and drive successful hires.

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