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Replace dozens of apps.

  • Consolidate & replace numerous apps with one, centralized platform. Let Bizcompass handle it all. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling between multiple apps & struggling with compatibility issues. Simplify your tech ecosystem & unlock the full potential of your business.

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How does Bizcompass redefine your organization?

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    Bizcompass is an all-in-one Business Process Automation Software for the IT industry. With a comprehensive set of tools, we enable you to smartly automate, customize and streamline various processes of your company. Bizcompass looks after every aspect of your organization & allows you to focus on doing what you do best – running your business successfully.

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    Right from recruitment to people management to finance matters, our Business Process Automation software minimizes manual intervention to make things easy & boost overall efficiency for your organization. Maximize project efficiency, automate recurring tasks & improve productivity. Start today to experience the difference!

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Grow your Business with efficient
Operation Management

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One stop solution

Resolve HR, Finance, Project, Accounting, Support, Chat & more related problems with the best automation platform.

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Strategic Evaluation

Make informed decisions swiftly using accurate reports on targeted parameters, with our business management system.

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Fully Customizable

Use a business process automation software that dynamically adapts to your operational conditions & workflows.

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Accurate Monitoring

Instantly fetch real-time data & graphs for every activity & workflow. Get easy access to performance insights anytime.

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Powerful Analytics

Use detailed graphical reports of each micro-level insight of your organization for comprehensive business analysis.

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Productivity Enhancer

Boost productivity by leveraging process automation solutions to analyze and evaluate employee performance effectively.

Take your business to the next level with Our
Business Process Automation Software

Streamlined Recruitment Workflow icon

Streamlined Recruitment Workflow

Eliminate manual tasks. Hire with a customizable interview flow & structured approach to candidate evaluation.

Efficient Candidate Selection icon

Efficient Candidate Selection

Easily review profiles, compare various metrics, and make decisions to identify the perfect fit for your organization.

Time-saving Automation icon

Time-saving Automation

Generate offer letters, agreements & other docs in one click. Simplify hiring for recruiters & candidates.

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Enhanced Performance Monitoring icon

Enhanced Performance Monitoring

Track employee performance visually, improving efficiency and achieving organizational goals effectively.

Efficient Document Handling  icon

Efficient Document Handling

Securely manage employee documents, seamlessly integrating with back-office tasks for streamlined operations.

leave management icon

Streamlined Leave Management

Manage leave policies, applications, and approvals, ensuring smooth operations and employee satisfaction.

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Effortless Payroll Processing icon

Effortless Payroll Processing

Streamline payroll calculations and payments for efficient, error-free and timely payment processing.

Compliance and Accuracy icon

Compliance and Accuracy

Ensure compliance with tax & labor law, and precise calculations for payroll, avoiding any penalties.

loan management icon

Enhanced Employee Experience

Empower employees with self-service access to pay information, improving satisfaction and convenience.

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Enhance Team Collaboration icon

Enhance Team Collaboration

Promote effective teamwork via a platform for seamless communication, feedback sharing, and goal alignment.

Facilitate Clear Communication icon

Facilitate Clear Communication

Enable real-time discussions & faster decision-making through messaging, audio & video calling.

easy file sharing icon

Improved Productivity

Easy file sharing to ensure quick access to relevant documents and supporting efficient workflow.

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Customize Activity Flows icon

Customize Activity Flows

Track project activity flow with a customized view. Make project plans based on available resources.

task automation icon

Task Automation

Achieve project targets by ensuring complete alignment through task allocations & comprehensive analysis.

customer portal icon

Access to Customer

Collaborate with clients, share details necessary to oversee project progress, review pending tasks, manage invoicing & more.

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Leads Management icon

Leads Management

Channelize leads for nurturing. Convert potential prospects into contacts for ongoing deals & projects.

activity scheduling icon

Activity Scheduling

Optimize work planning & task management. Meet critical deadlines by prioritizing tasks & responsibilities.

sales forecasting icon

Sales Forecasting

Empower sales teams with forecast reports. Accurately predict sales via potential deals from various channels.

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api management icon

API Management

Control API integrations. Work in multi-cloud environments. Adhere to high performance & security standards.

Organize Documentation icon

Organize Documentation

Help developers with syntax, functionality, and defining possibilities with automated API documentation.

json formatter icon

JSON Formatter

Get a clear understanding by formatting & beautifying the JSON data for easy reading & debugging.

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easy accounting icon

Easy Accounting

Streamline financial processes like payable/receivable accounts, cash flow, payroll & more. to upgrade accounting.

flowless invoicing icon

Flawless Invoicing

Manage estimated clients' dues through automated invoicing to stabilize organizational revenue.

journal tracking icon

Journal Tracking

Track business transactions like dates, amount to be credited/debited, and brief transaction reports.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction icon

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Efficiently address customer, partner, and employee tickets, ensuring prompt problem resolution

Seamless Communication: icon

Seamless Communication:

Integrate email functionality to automate responses and ensure inquiries are directed to the appropriate personnel.

Problems Resolution Tracking icon

Problem Resolution Tracking

Organize inquiry requests & tickets to provide quick solutions with an easy-to-use customer support system.

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Why Bizcompass?

Automate Your Team

Bizcompass business process automation software brings all operations under one roof and helps organizations achieve more with automation. This covers the entire spectrum from Recruitment to People Management, Client acquisition to Project implementation, and Sales to Finance.

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Reduce Manual Paper-work

Bizcompass facilitates the creation, storage, and organization of electronic documents, eliminating the reliance on physical copies. Moreover, it automates the generation of employment offer letters, agreements, policies, project scope, task estimation & reports, sending them directly to candidates' emails.

detailed performance measurement image

Detailed Performance Measurement

Our business process automation software provides comprehensive performance measurement for employees by analyzing specific parameters, enabling evaluation of multiple aspects of their performance. Through 360-degree analysis, Bizcompass offers a detailed and actionable overview of the organization's workforce.

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Customize your workflows

Bizcompass business process automation software has the capability to eliminate recurring tasks by designing customized drag-and-drop workflow. This helps achieve common organizational goals and increase human efficiency. Bizcompass can tailor workflow as per preference by making it easier to stay organized and get work done quickly and effectively.

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Improve Transparency

Bizcompass Business process automation software bridges the gap between employees, team leads, project managers, owners, CXOs, and clients, fostering open communication, real-time insights, and shared project visibility. Promote effective collaboration, align project goals, and bring transparency for a successful project execution.

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Optimize Finance

To simplify the organization's finance department, Our business process automation offers an integrated finance platform with all back-office operational features such as - professional invoicing, automatic payment reminders, order processing and management, expenditure tracking, Powerful analysis, and GST compliance.

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