Why Does Your Business Need to Stop Using Spreadsheets and Start Using Automation Software?
  • Why Does Your Business Need to Stop Using Spreadsheets and Start Using Automation Software?

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    Zankhana Patel

    31 Mar, Fri 2023


With various new specialized technologies emerging, spreadsheets are no longer the valuable tools they once were. Automation software provides a more comprehensive solution for businesses looking to manage their data and streamline their processes. In this blog, we will look at why your business needs to stop using spreadsheets and start using automation software.   

Reasons to Stop Using Spreadsheets and Start Using Automation Software for Your Business

  • Limitations of scalability 

It can be simple for business owners to use spreadsheets for their numerous business activities. After all, they are less expensive and appear to work temporarily. This tool has been widely adopted because of its versatility; however, many organizations realize that their spreadsheets are quickly becoming outdated. Spreadsheets have limited scalability to grow with your business. 

The amount of data that needs to be managed increases as your organization expands. As a result, it can be challenging to organize, analyze, and maintain the data in spreadsheets. On the other hand, it's important to consider alternate automation software solutions designed to handle large amounts of data and provide a more scalable platform for growing businesses.   

  • Increased risk of errors 

When working with large data sets, spreadsheets are particularly prone to error. It can lead to inaccurate data, significantly impacting your business operations. Various mistakes can arise; one that organizations commonly face is human error. Data entry problems, wrong formulas, formatting mistakes, alignment issues, and other errors are all examples of spreadsheet mistakes.

Together with all the potential errors, many are frequently undetectable and subtle. Adversely, automation software is created to reduce the possibility of mistakes. It provides a more reliable and accurate way of managing your data by automating data entry, analysis, and reporting processes. 

  • Security risks       

The use of a spreadsheet has some security issues. While your spreadsheet can be password-protected, it still presents a greater risk than a software solution. Spreadsheets are frequently shared through email, cloud sharing, USB, or other vulnerable channels, which raises the possibility of data violations and other security threats.

However, this makes them more susceptible to confidential and sensitive data being compromised or shared elsewhere. Automation software offers a safer alternative with the ability to store data securely for your business. It is accessed only by authorized personnel to protect sensitive information.  

  • Wasted resources and time-consuming  

Using spreadsheets can be very expensive, not always financially but in terms of time and resources. Spreadsheets involve manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. As a result, productivity may suffer and cause delays in essential business operations. Also, the insights you derive can be outdated and less accurate. Making rapid and informed decisions can be challenging when a surplus of data and a lengthy procedure are involved. 

Keep in mind that not only does it take a long time to create the report, but it also takes a long time to gather the information needed for it. Yet, many of these manual operations and data entries can be automated using automation software. That gives your staff more time to work on tasks that are more strategically important. 

  • Not customized to your unique workflow

Over time, digital spreadsheets have seen substantial development, giving users more customization choices. However, creating custom formulas to make your spreadsheet execute specific actions can take a significant amount of time and effort; it may even necessitate the assistance of a third party. Likewise, spreadsheet formulas are frequently error-prone and difficult to resolve.  

Automation software allows you to automate these operations with no extra coding required. Designating specific tasks based on your data is quick and easy with a complete automation system. There is no need to struggle for hours to connect unmanageable procedures or spend days creating custom formulas.  

  • Lack of Collaboration

Your spreadsheets provide an excellent visual representation of the most important information and can be shared online or via email. But when the spreadsheet owner makes modifications to the data, those changes might not necessarily be seen by everyone. You will also need to personally notify the required employees of any updates you make to the spreadsheet. It can significantly affect productivity and complicate collaboration, especially when more people switch to remote work.

Business owners may take well-informed decisions based on reliable, recent data with the help of the real-time data analytics and reporting offered by automation software.      


Businesses can improve scalability, reduce the risk of errors, free up time for employees, enhance collaboration, and improve security in business operations by implementing automation software. Automation systems are used by large businesses to manage everything from accounting to inventory, payroll to purchasing, and more. Your business also needs to stop using spreadsheets and instead utilize automation software to propel growth.   

If you're ready to adopt a more digital world and want to transform how you run your business, we have a tool that will most likely integrate or automate your business processes. Adopt automation software solutions and accelerate technological growth. So, instead of using spreadsheets, invest in automation software to take your business to the next level.